Salisbury Management

Logo and Branding

While working at Salisbury Management, Inc, I became aware that they were lacking a unique logo. As it stood when I arrived, they were using the same symbol as their subsidiary, Salisbury Behavioral Health. However, they wanted their management to stand apart from their adult behavioral health services. So of course, while working as a graphic design intern under them, I proposed that I develop and design a logo and branding system for the company.

Working with the Director of Marketing along with the CEO and the CFO, I put together proposals and revisions for the company's new logo. It went through many iterations and a few other hands in between, but this was the final product.

Since the beginning, I had used symbols to create the S initial and by the end, we had settled on arrows to show the company's forward momentum and their cycle of working to give back to their subsidiaries as well as the community. The typography as well as the colors were all set and chosen by me. I also used the logo and branding to create the company's website which is currently located at