Hi, I'm Liz Fisch.

I'm a graphic designer from Baltimore, MD.

(...are there any other Baltimores that matter?)

Iím a designer of all trades. I work across design media from paper to screen; ranging from outdoor advertising with Clear Channel Outdoor, to branding with Salisbury Management, to marketing and website design with StarChapter. Iím a CSS wizard and a knitting jedi (titles bestowed upon me by others I promise). Iíve also been called a typography nerd. Itís probably because Iíve waxed poetic about typographic hierarchy and proper kerning one too many times. I canít help it.

About the key logo

I know what youíre thinking. Why didnít you use a fish? Your last name is screaming for it. Nah, thatíd be too obvious, I prefer to thwart expectations. More aptly, it just comes down to the fact that I donít identify with fish (and I donít need people thinking Iím a marine biologist or that I fish or something). Keys, on the other hand, fascinate me and Iím almost always wearing some sort of key necklace. Their aesthetic draws me as well as the thoughts they inspire. I have a decent collection of antique skeleton keys and I sometimes wonder who they used to belong to and what they opened. The mysteries are endless and theyíre tied to a relatively simple form. They are the beginning to something new and a link to something old. All things I want to capture in my design.

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